Put Your Boat on the Historic Register

   The Australian Register of Historic Vessels (ARHV) is a database of important vessels that are a part of Australia’s maritime heritage and social history. The Register is managed by the Australian National Maritime Museum in association with Sydney Heritage Fleet.

Do you own a vessel with historical or social significance? If your vessel meets the set criteria, you can apply to have it listed on the database. Only primary information about your vessel will be held. Current ownership and personal details remain confidential.

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If you need some help with registration, or just want to talk to someone about it then call Paynesville Maritime Museum.

Whilst Paynesville Maritime Museum does not have its own register of historic boats we will welcome information about your boat or about a well remembered former boat and keep it in our files for reference and maybe one day we will have time and people to develop the Gippsland Lakes register.

 Register of ‘Paynesville’ Fishing Boats 


The boat type referred to as the ‘Paynesville fishing boat’, some of which are pictured below, is unique to the Gippsland Lakes and as such deserves to be on a special register. The Gippsland Lakes Classic Boat Club is undertaking to prepare such a register and If you want to add your boat to the register PMM encourages you to contact the Classic Boat Club at http://glcbc.org.au