Paynesville Maritime Museum has an ongoing program to record oral history interviews with locals who have been involved with the development of the locale.

Selected versions of these interviews are being made available for download from the PMM website as podcasts.

Ross Gilsenan

Ross is a third generation fisherman at Paynesville and gives insights into both the fisherman's life and Paynesville. Interviewed by Nancy Fowkes.


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Max Krafft

Max is from three generations in Paynesville and between them they fished, drove the ferry and worked at the ice-works on the wharf. This interview by Nancy Fowkes tells what happened inside that big tin shed on the wharf.

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Alan Evans

Alan was raised at the Silt Jetties fishing camp and gives an insight to that and his life as a fisherman. Interview by Nancy Fowkes.


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Roy Smith

Nancy Fowkes interviews veteran fisherman Roy Smith.

Roy came from a fishing family on Lake Wellington and later fished out of Paynesville from 1952.

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