Paynesville Maritime Museum is actively involved in researching and recording the history and heritage of maritime Paynesville. Some recent and ongoing projects undertaken include:

Interpretive signs around the Paynesville shoreline to explain to visitors the history of various locations and available 24/7, whenever the visitor wants. 

Recording the oral history of the Paynesville fishing families. Fishing was a multi-generational occupation at Paynesville and we have been able to hear at first hand the stories and reminiscences of the third generation as they relate family stories. These are to be written up to form a history of 20th Century fishing. 

Paynesville boatbuilders. The “Paynesville” fishing boat is a unique genre that has evolved from a boat built in the 1880s to suit the conditions of the Gippsland Lakes. The research covers the main builders of the “Paynesville” boats in the 20th Century and the distinct types they constructed. 

Steamer builders and the ships they constructed.

Paynesville was the centre for building and maintenance of ships for the Gippsland Lakes, this research uses latest online abilities to get the story right and fill in missing gaps in the traditional narrative.